Why You Should Start The New Year With A LIFT Business Breakthrough Session

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, it's the perfect time to reflect on your business journey and set the stage for success in the coming year.

What components of your business worked the best? Which areas need focus or improvement? Are there areas of your business that have been neglected? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there).


Wherever your business stands as this year comes to a close, the new year is the perfect time to assess ways to improve its processes and set your company up for next-level growth and success in the new year. It all begins by looking at the foundational systems that support your business from the inside out. I call those systems your LIFT systems. 


As your dedicated LIFT Business Advisor, I'm here to guide you through an examination of the Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax components of your business and help you build a LIFT Dream Team of trusted experts in these areas who will work together to bring your business into full alignment with your goals and needs.

Legal: Fortifying Your Structures and Protecting Your Assets

In the legal realm, the structure of your business plays a pivotal role in its success. During a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session, we examine your current legal framework and make sure your legal needs are aligned with your business goals. Some of the aspects we’ll consider together:

  • Is your business entity structured for maximum asset protection now, tax savings today and over time, and the future exit you desire?
  • Is your intellectual property protected via Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Contracts, or are you at risk of losing valuable rights before it’s too late to put protections in place?
  • Are your employment matters structured properly with the right agreements and policies?

Together, we'll ensure that your legal foundation is set up to protect your assets and pave the way for sustainable, long-term growth, and prepare for the eventual exit you desire.


Insurance: Safeguarding Your Interests

The insurance landscape can be complex, but it's a crucial aspect of securing your business against unforeseen challenges and preparing your business for future development, such as hiring new contractors and employees.


We'll review your existing insurance policies to assess whether they adequately cover potential risks. From liability to property coverage to disability and life insurance, we'll review what you have in place, and what may need to change, and we will work together with your trusted insurance providers to ensure you have a comprehensive insurance strategy that safeguards your business interests, coordinates with your estate plan, and provides you with across the board peace of mind.


Financial: Building a Solid Financial Infrastructure

A strong financial foundation is essential for any thriving business. In our LIFT Business Breakthrough Session, we dive into your financial practices, evaluating budgeting, cash flow management, and financial reporting. Together, we'll identify areas for improvement, ensuring your business has the financial infrastructure and next-level team support needed to weather uncertainties and capitalize on opportunities.


Tax: Optimizing Your Tax Strategy

Taxes are an inevitable part of business, but a strategic approach can make a significant difference. During our session, we'll assess your current tax strategy and explore opportunities for optimization. We’ll then work together with your tax advisor (or identify a tax advisor) to minimize your tax burden legally, freeing up resources for further business growth, or to support more of the lifestyle you want.


Building Your Dream Team of Advisors

Recognizing that no business owner should navigate these components alone, our LIFT Business Breakthrough Session extends beyond a legal assessment. As your LIFTed Business Advisor, I'm here to help you build a Dream Team of advisors—experts in Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax matters.


These professionals will serve as pillars of support for your business, guiding you through the intricacies of each component and ensuring a holistic approach to your business success as it grows and changes. It's not just about reviewing your Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax components—it's about setting the stage for a prosperous and secure future.


To start the new year with a comprehensive LIFT Business Breakthrough Session, schedule a complimentary call with my office to learn more. It’s time to make this next year your best one yet.

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