Are your contracts bulletproof? Have you chosen the right entity structure? What about funding - are you clear when and how to start raising capital? Can you guarantee your family will be protected if something happens to you?

As the founder of a startup, you're probably focused on saving money - and getting new customers in the door.


Ironically, you're also a prime target for everything from regulatory fines to IP persecution (or infringement), for the rigidity of bureaucracy, and even for inevitable losses resulting from a bad boilerplate contract. The world knows that small businesses don't hire lawyers - and it preys on the unsuspecting.


Here at Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory, we have a deep understanding of the hurdles that lurk - and we strategize around them, without bursting your happy startup bubble.


We are lawyers with business savvy that can affordably advise you on a variety of legal service areas,,as well as help you protect your family at the same time, so you can focus on your business' long-term strategy and goals. Our non-traditional fee structures ensure you get the legal help you need, without the trepidation that comes with traditional hourly billing.

Yaasha Sabba  / Chief Counsel

Personal Family Lawyer®

One of San Francisco’s few Personal Family Lawyer®, Yaasha Sabba manages Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory PC and is a part of a larger network of attorneys who view the business of law as flawed.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to managing business or personal risk, Yaasha and his team have created one-of-a-kind systems for entrepreneurs and families to use in their legal planning that can keep up with the constantly changing business climate and will proactively position them for continued growth. 


Yaasha formerly worked as a patent attorney at Visa Inc. with a portfolio of over 1,500 patents under his team’s management, including the technology behind Apple Pay and Android Pay.  Now, his day-to-day ranges between counseling business owners on their legal, insurance, financial and tax foundations, helping families protect their children and estates, and providing inventors with guidance on expanding their ideas.


Yaasha spends most of the free time he can spare from his own family hosting workshops, mentoring Millennials and iGens on financial literacy, and giving presentations on personal financial growth, kids protection planning, and asset protection.  Yaasha is known for stating, “Its easier than ever to start growing your family wealth and take control of your life.”  LinkedIn Profile


Sam Jagualing  / Outreach Director

Early in her career, Sam Jagualing knew she wanted to help her loved ones navigate the unexpected hurdles that life has to throw at them. She cares deeply about serving other families and recognizes the importance of being prepared in the event of an emergency or worse. As an active member within her community, Sam joined Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory to learn more about the law and give herself a platform to promote awareness among her community members while also connecting them with other professionals who can help secure their futures.


Today, Sam oversees the planning and implementation of the firm's outreach strategies and information campaigns. She is also in charge of developing the firm's network of qualified professionals, such as financial advisors, real estate agents, tax accountants, health care advocates and more!


In her spare time, Sam enjoys the art of leather craft and sells hand-embossed leather goods at local fairs and art events. After spending the past few years helping her sister pay for college, Sam is now saving her money to open a small business of her own so that she can take her leather craft to the next level. LinkedIn Profile