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Business · July 14, 2023
What the Debt Ceiling Extension Means for Small Business Owners
Pondering on how the recent national debt ceiling extension might shake your business operations? Or perhaps you're already experiencing its ripple effects? While it may feel like a distant concern, this significant move has the power to sway your access to credit, alter consumer spending habits, and even impact government contracts and tax policies. It's causing uncertainty in financial markets, potentially raising interest rates, and tightening credit conditions. Learn more here...
Business · June 30, 2023
Passing the Torch: How to Inspire Your Kids to Take Over the Family Business
Imagine the pride in your heart as you pass on the baton of your business to your children, witnessing the legacy you've carefully constructed continue to bloom. Yet, kindling the spark in your children's hearts to take the reins of the family business isn't always a walk in the park. It can be quite a hurdle and requires a delicate touch. Ready to uncover the secrets to successfully achieving this? Read on to learn more...
Business · June 23, 2023
5 Types of Insurance No Business Owner Should Go Without - Part 2
Protecting your business from lawsuits is crucial for its success. While insurance coverage may not be a top priority, it plays a vital role in safeguarding your business. In this article, we delve into two more essential types of insurance every business owner should have. Discover the importance of these coverages and ensure the protection of your business. Keep reading to learn more.
Business · June 09, 2023
5 Types of Insurance No Business Owner Should Go Without - Part 1
As a fellow business owner, I understand that each decision we make is shaped by the love and dedication we pour into our dreams. But, are we prepared for unexpected setbacks? This article will shed light on three types of insurance – General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Technology – and why they're non-negotiable for your business. It also emphasizes how the right insurance policies not only act as financial shields, but also boost your reputation and trust with your clientele.