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Estate Planning · January 12, 2018
Many parents put off naming guardians for their children (or don't even know that it's what they're supposed to do for their children's life-long security and well-being) because they don't have access to the right info or just can't come to a decision on who will be best to care of their kids in the event of an emergency or worse! Bottom line: Done is better than perfect, and we've created the perfect solution to help you choose the right guardian today.
Estate Planning · October 06, 2017
There are many options available to you when it comes to planning for the ensured security of your children in the event something ever happens to you. Unfortunately, not all of these options are right for your kids and can put their financial security and future in a risky position. Don't be afraid, though. We're fully aware of these risks and have a way for you to address them all in one easy step!
Estate Planning · July 05, 2017
After you've made these difficult decisions, make sure you review your estate plan every 1-3 years to ensure your wishes still align with your legal documents. Completely disinheriting a child or grandchild should be reserved for extreme circumstance.
Estate Planning · June 28, 2017
If your child requires urgent medical attention while away from you, a simple phone call authorizing care usually can do the trick. But when your child turns 18, the simple fact is he or she becomes an adult and has the legal rights of an adult. What this means for you is that you lose your prior held rights to make medical and financial decisions for your child, unless your child executes legal documents giving you those rights back.