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Information about the book:

Wear Clean Underwear was written in an easy to follow story-based format. The book is segmented into three "Choose Your Own Adventure" style stories. At the end of each section, you get to choose your own adventure and trace your journey through from start to finish.


The first story is that of Sara and Carlos, two young children who lose their parents. The story traces through their experiences based on the decisions you make at each step of the way. By the end of this story, you will know exactly what you need to do to ensure your own kids are always taken care of by people you know, love and trust.


At the end of this story, additional resources are provided for helping you to choose the right guardians and legally document your choices.


The second story is that of Chelsea and Alex. Chelsea is your daughter, Alex your spouse. Based on the decisions you make throughout this story, you'll watch as Chelsea grows from a young girl through to an adult, first losing you, then several years later, your spouse. Within this story, you leave behind a substantial amount of money and the story focuses on what happens to this money and how it affects your daughter Chelsea.


At the end of this story, additional resources are provided for choosing the right trustees and making smart financial choices.


The third story is that of You and Aiko, two parents with older children who have a whole lot of love, but not a lot of money. Throughout this story, you will experience what happens as a result of your decisions to plan or not to plan your estate, even when you don't have a lot of money. 


At the end of this story, additional resources are provided for making life as easy as possible for your loved ones, even if you don't have a lot.


After reading these three stories and making decisions for the fictional characters every step of the way, you will have a clear path for your own decision making and know just where to start to ensure your family is always cared for exactly the way you choose.


About the author:

Alexis Martin Neely is a licensed attorney and the visionary behind Kids Protection Planning®. 


After graduating first in her class from Georgetown University Law Center, Alexis became an associate at Munger, Tolles & Olson for three years before founding her own successful law firm in Redondo Beach. She then went on to teach her revolutionary style of protecting children and their families to lawyers throughout the country.


In Alexis's own words, here's what lead her on the path to creating the book and this kids-focused approach to legal planning.


"My mom always told me to make sure I was wearing clean underwear when I left the house, in case I was in an accident. The first night my husband and I went out without our baby girl, I realized wearing clean underwear wasn’t enough!


The entire night, I fretted and worried about my little girl at home without me. My mind inevitably strayed to what would happen to her if something happened to us on the way home from dinner.


What I realized, scared me to death. I was a lawyer and yet I hadn’t put in place the planning necessary to make sure she’d be taken care of the right way if anything happened to us.


I’d left behind my cell phone number and my neighbor’s phone number, but it was only when we were sitting at dinner an hour away from home that I realized if something happened on the way home, my cell phone wouldn’t work and my neighbor didn’t have the legal authority to take care of my baby.


The rest of the night was pretty much a bust. My poor husband.


After we got home, I put in place a plan to make sure there would never be a question about who should take care of my daughter or how she should be taken care of if anything happened to me and her dad.


When I found out that 69% of parents had never even named legal guardians for their children and that of the 31% who had, most had made at least 1 of 6 frequent mistakes, I knew I had to get parents the straight scoop on legal planning.


I’ve made it my mission to make great legal and financial advice accessible to parents so that no dad ever has to have their first date out with his wife after the baby is born ruined the way ours was by fear.


No one else, except for Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory PC, is getting you this information and you deserve to have it."


Alexis Martin Neely is the bestselling author of the legal guide for parents, Wear Clean Underwear! A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents (Morgan James Publishing). A mom, lawyer, blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur, Alexis is the family financial and legal expert on Better TV and has been featured on CNBC, the Today Show, ABC, Fox, CBS, as well as over two dozen radio shows across the country, including Oprah’s XM Radio Network and NPR.  

Did you know that 69% of parents have not yet named guardians for their kids?


And of the 31% who have, most have made one of 6 common mistakes? Click this link to review the 6 common mistakes most parents (and their lawyers!) make when naming legal guardians and then schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session™ with us today, so we can fix those mistakes with you.


Having a Will Alone Simply Does Not Ensure the Care of Your Kids If the Unthinkable Happens to You!


If you are a parent of minor children (or those with special needs) who are counting on you, your estate plan must begin with your children and ensure that they would always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens. 


At Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory, one of our areas of greatest expertise is planning for the well-being and care of the children you love. Unfortunately, the majority of estate planning attorneys do not address these issues.  They do not plan from a parent's perspective and they do not have the expertise to do a comprehensive job.


That is why we offer a Kids Protection Plan® with every estate plan we do for families with minor children.


Our Kids Protection Plan® includes a specific set of instructions, legal documents, and an ID card for your wallet.  If you are in an accident, your Kids Protection Plan will help to make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services or anyone else you would not want.  These clear instructions inform the Police and ensure your children will be raised by people you have selected.


To get started with your Kids Protection Plan®, please call us at (650) 761-0992 today or book a Family Wealth Planning Session® online now.