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Estate Planning · March 06, 2019
Prenuptial agreements have their benefits and drawbacks depending on how you view it. With the average age of marriage increasing, so is the number of prenups. Many more couples are considering to make prenuptial agreements part of their wedding ceremony. Read the pros and cons here as well as how to best handle the situation.
Estate Planning · September 28, 2018
Having a trust isn’t enough, you need to make sure it is the right trust that will work for your loved ones. This trust is going to be a major player in their lives after your death and if you don’t create it in a way that will help them, it will create more stress for them. To make it easier and more efficient for your loved ones, you will need to make sure you have your trust set up the right way.
Estate Planning · July 06, 2018
Having a Trust for your children will certainly help them in the future, but only if you have the right plan set up for that Trust. In order to help your family from losing all their inheritance from mistakes or bad decisions, you have to make sure you leave them with right trust. Placing inheritance in a trust will protect your family from any threat that could come from irresponsible behavior or external risk. Read here how inheritance in a trust works.