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Estate Planning · November 09, 2018
While creating your estate plan you might think you have included all your assets, but you may not have thought about your digital assets. Digital assets can be worth the same as or even more than any other asset, and it can definitely be passed down to your loved ones. Read here about the different types of digital assets and how you can add them to your estate plan.
Business · December 22, 2017
It's inevitable - if you're doing business in today's world, you and your team members will be transacting with sensitive information over the Internet. This means you're business is more likely to become the victim of cybercrime, but there are certain tricks and routines you can employ to ensure this will be less likely to happen to you. Here's how to get started and stay vigilant.
Estate Planning · December 15, 2017
Many early adopters have made fortunes off their initial investment in digital currency, and now you're wondering if there's any opportunity for you to do the same as well. We continue our series by pointing out the scams we're starting to see as the world increasingly continues to make a mad rush to invest. Don't get caught with your shirt missing. It's ok to invest, but do so with an awareness of your vulnerabilities and form at least a basic education of the technology.
Estate Planning · December 01, 2017
You've been hearing about it more and more over the years, and now you're starting to realize that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. To some, it's the Dotcom bubble all over again. Many early adopters have already made fortunes off their initial investment, and now you're wondering if there's any opportunity for you to do the same as well. Before diving in, take a step back and become aware of the risks as well as the scams that could potentially leave you without your shirt!
September 08, 2017
It's becoming common for business to conduct business online. However, the convenience of taking payments electronically comes at a cost. When looking for financially sound solutions to this problem, you may hear about Bitcoin and the possibilities this new form of currency brings for managing online transactions around the world.
August 16, 2017
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Bitcoin. But, you may not know how what it is or how it affects your estate planning. Today's article covers what happens when you become incapacitated or die while holding a digital currency.