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Estate Planning · November 01, 2019
Being left in the hands of unscrupulous guardians appointed by the court can be the most frightening aspect for you in the event of your potential incapacity, given that you may have a loving and caring family members, but are unable to take care of you. To prevent such from happening, it is crucial that you have a comprehensive plan that states all your wishes and consent to ensure that the individual of your choice takes the immediate legal authority to make decisions on your behalf.
Estate Planning · October 18, 2019
Not having proper planning vehicles in place leaves not just you but your senior loved ones vulnerable to exploitation should they become incapacitated. It is critically important for both you, your senior loved ones and your family who's at the age of 18 to take proactive measures to prevent the possibility of abuse and court-ordered guardianship if you become incapacitated by illness or injury. Learn more here.  
Estate Planning · October 11, 2019
Same-Gender spouses are often challenged when they need to make parental, medical, and financial decisions for partners who are incapacitated or unable to communicate because they may have family members who remain opposed to the validity of their marriage. If you're in the same situation, you especially must need to put a comprehensive estate plan specifically design for your situation to ensure your planning strategies for your loved ones work exactly as you intended. Learn more here.
Estate Planning · July 19, 2019
Each of us is at constant risk of experiencing a devastating accident or disease that may leave us incapable of caring for ourselves & our loved ones. Temporary or not, such may render emotional trauma, or worse, financial loss. This is why incapacity planning is significant to ensure someone can take charge of your legal decisions in case you are incapacitated to keep your family out of court & out of conflict. Consult with an experienced lawyer like us to guide you in this decision making.
Estate Planning · April 13, 2018
When it comes to taking care of your family and assets, you cannot afford to make easily avoided mistakes. Estate planning will ensure your family is taken care of, however you need to make sure you have the best plan, from creating advance medical directives to updating your plan frequently. Read here some of the common estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them.
Estate Planning · February 16, 2018
Although parents will never ask for help, at some point they might need it or you'll want to step in to assist them. Helping parents become financially stable can be hard without the right information and knowledge about their current financial situation. Further, getting access to different accounts and making important decision on their behalf will not happen unless you are given the required legal authority to do so.