Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property is the core of every product or service brought to market. As a startup, your Intellectual Property (IP) is often your most valuable asset.  Without proper protections in place, anyone can steal your million (or billion) dollar idea. What if one of your engineers comes up with an exciting, new design? Does it belong to you or them? Should you assign your patent rights to your company? If you're still working your day job, does your boss have rights to your IP?


The laws governing intellectual property are constantly evolving, and Sky Unlimited understands that there's no cookie-cutter solution. We will work with you to develop sophisticated, comprehensive IP strategies that protect your business from the start, while establishing a competitive position for the future.


Whether you need to trademark a logo, assign IP, protect trade secrets, or file a patent, we're here to help you create and execute. We have the scientific, technical, and legal background needed to handle event the most complex IP concerns.


Practice areas include:

  • State and Federal Trademark Registration
  • International Trademark Registrations
  • Copyright Registrations
  • Patent Prosecution
  • IP Monitoring Services
  • IP Enforcement (Cease and Desist)
  • Licensing/Assignments