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Business · January 22, 2021
Why Right Now Is The Ideal Time to Buy An Existing Business
Business startups are amazing ways to becoming an independent business owner. Nevertheless, buying an existing business has more advantages than starting from nothing. It's more likely to have an established customer base and a more recognizable brand. With a solid foundation, you can review existing policies and processes. Instead of spending years building a name and creating connections, you concentrate on. But with an already built business, you can now focus more on growth and expansion.
Business · May 04, 2018
GDPR is the reason why you are receiving emails for privacy policy updates from companies all of sudden. Why are all companies updating their privacy policies to comply with the EU law? The reason is simple, and makes complete sense since most companies have international customers. Even though you might not be living in the EU, their laws certainly impact your business. Read here what GDPR actually is and why you should be aware of the changes happening outside of the United States.
Business · April 27, 2018
Taking a break from your business will not only help your business and employees, it will also help you mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. While it can be hard to leave your business that requires your daily attention, taking a break will benefit it in many ways. A retreat will help your employees gain great learning opportunities and helping you discover business ideas as well as connect with other entrepreneurs.
Business · April 20, 2018
You might think your corporation and limited liability company (LLC) will protect your personal assets, that may not be the case if you aren’t careful in the way you’re running your business or handling finances. There are several circumstances that can lead you to be personally liable for corporate or LLC debt. Here are some things to consider if are thinking of incorporating or already own a corporation or LLC.
Business · April 13, 2018
One of the commonly made mistake for most new business owners is not having a solid legal foundation. To make sure your startup is protected, you must have a set of key legal agreements in place. These agreements will help you and your company stay strong through unforeseen situations and circumstances. Read what those 4 core legal documents are.
Estate Planning · April 13, 2018
When it comes to taking care of your family and assets, you cannot afford to make easily avoided mistakes. Estate planning will ensure your family is taken care of, however you need to make sure you have the best plan, from creating advance medical directives to updating your plan frequently. Read here some of the common estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them.
Business · April 06, 2018
With the changes in the tax laws, it is very important that you are taking full advantage or are aware of the ways these changes can impact your business. Here are the major changes in the tax laws that can affect your business, be sure you understand them and are using them to help your business. You also want to be aware of the changes so your business is not being negatively impacted.
Business · April 06, 2018
If you want your company to succeed, you will first need to make sure your employees are happy and healthy. By offering your employees simple benefits such as access to gym and healthier eating options, their productivity will increase significantly. As you do your best to make sure your employees are doing well, your employees in return will make sure they are doing their best for the company. Here are some ways to motivate your employees.
Estate Planning · April 06, 2018
If you are a same-gender couple, you’re bound to face difficulties when it comes to parental rights. Same-gender couples do not automatically have parental rights on their children as do biological parents, there are many legal complications same-gender couples go through. With estate planning, many of the legal complications can be taken care of in a much easier way. Here are some methods to protect your parental rights if you are not a biological parent.
Estate Planning · March 30, 2018
Unlike your average lawyer, a Family Startup Lawyer™ is someone trained to focus on you, your business, and your family, and not someone who tells you the documents you need to put in place, quotes a fee, and never expects to see you again. The business of law is flawed, and we decided to change that by returning to the time-honored tradition of becoming your personal lawyer for life! Understand more in this article where we explain the difference.

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