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Estate Planning · September 02, 2022
Protect Your Aging Loved Ones From Undue Influence
Given the growing number of seniors, the prevalence of diminished capacity associated with aging, and the concentration of wealth among elderly Baby Boomers, we're likely to see a serious surge in the number of cases involving undue influence in the coming years. This kind of elder abuse can disastrously affect your aging parents' and other senior relatives' estate planning. Be aware, educated, and empowered in knowing what risks are for your elderly loved ones—and for your future inheritance.
Estate Planning · May 13, 2022
10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes Your Family Can’t Afford To Make—Part 2
The DIY approach might be a good idea if you're looking to build a new deck for your backyard, but when it comes to estate planning, it's actually one of the worst choices you can make. Are you really willing to put your family's well-being and wealth at risk just to save a few bucks? Don't wait that these mistakes won't be discovered until you're gone. Here, we wrap up the list with the remaining five mistakes your family can't afford to make.
Estate Planning · May 06, 2022
10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes Your Family Can’t Afford To Make—Part 1
Because estate planning involves actively thinking about and planning for frightening topics like death, old age, and crippling disability, many people put it off or ignore it together until it’s too late. Sadly, this unwillingness to face reality often creates serious hardship, expense, and trauma for those loved ones you leave behind, especially since estate planning is definitely not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.
Estate Planning · October 08, 2021
With Tax Laws in Flux: What Should You Do Now?
With the new proposed legislation that is still under consideration and far from being finalized, if your family stands to be impacted by any of the new proposed bills, it's vital for you to take action as soon as possible to ensure that whatever changes to your planning that need to be made can be planned and executed before the year's end. If you've been following the news about the coming changes, you know that none of us know what will ultimately happen or even when we will know the outcome.
Estate Planning · October 01, 2021
House Democrats Propose Sweeping New Changes To Tax Laws That Stand To Have Major Impact On Estate Planning—Part 1
On September 13, 2021, Democrats in the House of Representatives released a new $3.5 trillion proposed spending plan that includes a wide array of changes to federal tax laws. While the proposed legislation is still under consideration and far from being finalized, given the broad-reaching impact of these changes, we encourage you to take action now if you would be affected by the proposed legislation to ensure that whatever actions required can be planned and executed before the end of the year