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Estate Planning · March 29, 2024
April Fools! How DIY Wills And Trusts Offer A False Sense Of Security … And May Leave Your Family With An Expensive Mess
Crafting your own Will or Trust might feel empowering, yet it's fraught with risks that could leave your family facing legal battles and financial strain. The allure of DIY legal services masks the complexity and nuances of estate planning. A real-life story shows how easy it is to inadvertently disinherit loved ones or tie them up in legal knots, turning a well-intentioned effort into an expensive and emotional nightmare. It's a stark reminder that what we leave behind should be a legacy, not a
Estate Planning · August 03, 2018
If you were planning to retire in your 60s, which is when most people plan to retire, it may not be a realistic age anymore. This is because of increased lifespan, rising healthcare costs, and increased need to care for aging parents. You might feel like you haven't saved enough to retire, or haven’t saved at all and that is why retiring in your 60s won’t work. Here is why you shouldn't retire in your 60s, but instead at the age Suze Orman has suggested.