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Estate Planning · October 11, 2019
Same-Gender spouses are often challenged when they need to make parental, medical, and financial decisions for partners who are incapacitated or unable to communicate because they may have family members who remain opposed to the validity of their marriage. If you're in the same situation, you especially must need to put a comprehensive estate plan specifically design for your situation to ensure your planning strategies for your loved ones work exactly as you intended. Learn more here.
Estate Planning · April 06, 2018
If you are a same-gender couple, you’re bound to face difficulties when it comes to parental rights. Same-gender couples do not automatically have parental rights on their children as do biological parents, there are many legal complications same-gender couples go through. With estate planning, many of the legal complications can be taken care of in a much easier way. Here are some methods to protect your parental rights if you are not a biological parent.