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Business · October 22, 2019
Your decision about whether to lease or purchase a commercial space for your small business will depend upon your unique circumstances. There are pros and cons for each option and whichever option you will choose, we ensure you that we'll provide guidance and that your lease or purchase agreement includes all of the terms needed to protect your business. Read here to determine which option suits you. Consult with an experienced lawyer like us to guide you step by step with the process.
Estate Planning · September 07, 2018
People put off writing their will because they might be busy, or have it in their mind but just don’t know when to do it. Although everyone thinks about writing a will, or know how important it is to have one, not everyone gets it done. Not having a will doesn’t seem like a problem when you are alive, but after your death, your family will be left in a very difficult situation. Read here what happens when you die without a will.
Estate Planning · August 17, 2018
Although a will is the more popular method of passing down assets to heirs, a trust can do the same task with a few differences. A lot of people go with a will because they are not aware of what a trust is and all the benefits of having one. Both methods are not only different in the way they are created, in fact there are major differences considering the future. Here are the differences to help you understand what option is better and why.