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Estate Planning · September 01, 2023
Can You Rely on Legal Insurance for Your Estate Plan?
As affordable legal solutions like workplace-offered group insurance become popular, their adequacy for detailed estate planning comes under scrutiny. This 'one-size-fits-all' might leave families navigating unexpected legal hurdles. Our article highlights these pitfalls, emphasizing the need for personalized strategies. Beyond mere asset protection, a heart-centered approach ensures a harmonious legacy and a secure future, underscoring the significance of expert estate planning.
Estate Planning · August 07, 2023
10 Life Events That Signal It’s Time to Review Your Estate Plan - Part 2
Life’s twists and turns impact your estate plan in ways you might not anticipate. Whether it’s health scares, relocation, marriage, divorce, or evolving tax laws, your estate plan should keep pace with your life's journey. Dive into the next five life events that warrant a second look at your estate strategy. Ensure your intentions are safeguarded and your loved ones protected. Join us for guidance on updating your plan effectively!
Estate Planning · July 24, 2023
10 Life Events That Signal It’s Time to Review Your Estate Plan - Part 1
Life is dynamic, and so should be your estate plan. From changes in assets to the birth of a child or a business venture, events can alter your estate's landscape. Reviewing your plan is crucial to ensure it aligns with your current situation and future goals. Dive into the top reasons to reassess your estate strategy and learn how to keep it updated for peace of mind. Stay tuned for Part 2!
Estate Planning · July 17, 2023
What the National Debt Ceiling Extension Means for Your Family
Has the national debt ceiling extension left you feeling uncertain about your family's financial well-being? As a fellow family provider, I know you're trying to understand what these macro-economic changes mean for your day-to-day life and long-term financial plans. These financial complexities can impact everything from our children's educational prospects to home ownership, even our secure retirement plans! It may feel incredibly daunting, but here's what you can do to mitigate its impacts.
Estate Planning · July 10, 2023
Awakened Planning: How to Talk About Estate Planning at Your Family Reunion
In the warmth of family reunions, a crucial topic often slips under the radar: estate planning. It might seem daunting, but it's actually a profound way to express care for our loved ones' futures. By embracing this discussion now, amidst our shared joys, we can shape a legacy that lasts and makes a real difference for generations to come. Engaging in this conversation not only strengthens our family ties but also imparts a lesson on the importance of preparation and foresight. Learn more...
Estate Planning · July 03, 2023
Estate Planning Pitfalls - 3 Mistakes That Could Make Your Estate Plan Worthless
Picturing a future where your loved ones reap the benefits of your hard work is rewarding, isn't it? Adding a Trust to your estate plan can be your key, offering privacy, avoiding probate, and securing lifelong asset protection. However, there's a surprising, crucial detail that many overlook: merely creating a Trust isn't the finish line! Your Trust is a living entity needing the right funding and timely updates to truly function. Let's unravel this further...
Estate Planning · June 26, 2023
Vacation Ready: Essential Legal Preparations for a Worry-Free Getaway
Are you overwhelmed with the daunting "what if's" that come along with leaving your loved ones and assets behind while you enjoy your vacation? The sheer thought of something happening to you while you're away can be unnerving and quite frankly, frightening. Take the time to prepare legally before you set off. We've outlined the key legal steps you must prepare before departure, serving as your protective shield. Secure your peace of mind and let vacation joy take over. Read on to learn more...
Estate Planning · June 19, 2023
Have a Trust? How the Corporate Transparency Act Affects You
The Corporate Transparency Act is on the horizon, and it's essential for you to stay informed because it could directly affect you and your trust. Starting January 1, 2024, small businesses will be required to disclose their major owners in an annual report. But here's where it gets interesting: if your trust holds partial or full ownership in a business, private details about your trust, such as the names of your trustee or beneficiaries, might need to be shared with the government.
Estate Planning · June 12, 2023
The Importance of Customized Estate Planning for LGBTQ+ Relationships – Part 2
From understanding the role of legal expertise to the vital task of defining guardianship, every detail matters. Navigating estate planning can be complex, but when it comes to LGBTQ+ families, it's all the more crucial to have a tailored plan in place. Get ready to challenge the status quo, equip yourself with knowledge and secure your family's future. Every family is unique, let's ensure our estate plans reflect that.
Estate Planning · June 05, 2023
The Importance of Customized Estate Planning for LGBTQ+ Relationships – Part 1
Estate planning is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of LGBTQ+ rights. With prevailing laws primarily designed for hetero, cisgender individuals, the LGBTQ+ community can face numerous pitfalls. The current system often leaves their loved ones vulnerable to unintentional disinheritance or trapped in legal battles that are as lengthy as they are costly. However, this problem isn't insurmountable. The solution lies in understanding and acting upon the importance of CUSTOMIZED estate planning.

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