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Estate Planning · February 13, 2023
5 Reasons Why Shopping For The Cheapest Estate Plan Could Leave Your Family With An Unintended Mess
You work hard to provide your family with all they need, and you want to be sure your estate plan protects them. Sometimes, that means getting the cheapest estate plan available. What could possibly go wrong? Many estate plans can be far more affordable than their competitors; however, a cheaper price doesn't always lead to a better deal. Find out how some cheaper plans could leave your family with unwanted mess and more costs in the future. Read more...
Estate Planning · February 06, 2023
Will Your Estate Plan Work When Your Family Needs It?
As you age, your family dynamics can complicate your estate plans. To ensure your plan works when they need it, avoid assuming it will work perfectly. Instead, review and update it regularly, communicate openly with family, and seek professional help when necessary. With these proactive steps, you can be confident that your estate plan will work as intended, giving you peace of mind and protecting your assets, even in challenging circumstances. Learn more...
Estate Planning · January 30, 2023
Before You Agree to Be a Trustee, Read This!
Being a Trustee means taking on a wide variety of duties. Some are conditional on the confidence level between you and the other person, but some responsibilities are always the same. So, before agreeing to be a trustee, learning everything you can about the role is crucial. If you're considering becoming a Trustee, read this article beforehand. Learn more. 
Estate Planning · January 23, 2023
4 Common Mistakes Made On Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations
Putting your family at risk because you didn't read the fine print. If something happens to you, you take out life insurance to provide for your family. However, many people make mistakes when they designate their beneficiaries. Use this 4-step guide to avoid common mistakes and ensure your designated beneficiary receives the intended financial benefits. Learn more...
Estate Planning · January 16, 2023
Revocable Living Trust Or Irrevocable Trust: Which One Is Right For You?
You need a plan for your assets, like retirement or passing your wealth to loved ones. But where do you start? With a revocable living Trust or an irrevocable Trust? Both have positives and negatives that can affect your financial future. Understanding the benefits and disadvantages of each type of trust is essential before deciding which suits you. Use this guide to help you determine if a revocable living trust or an irrevocable trust is suitable for your family. Read more...
Estate Planning · January 09, 2023
Why Every Adult Needs A Living Will
One of the hardest things in life is to be able to plan for any situation. Our lives are mostly in order, but there is always that possibility that we might not have time to arrange things and decide once we are gone. Find out what the law says about the importance of a living will and how it can help you leave your estate to your loved ones after you die and keep them from dealing with legal issues. Read more...
Estate Planning · January 02, 2023
Creditors And Your Estate Plan
Your family and loved ones are much more important than your money, yet you want to avoid leaving them in debt. If you have purchased assets (such as a home) using borrowed funds, the debt will continue to exist even after your death. Creditors and debt collectors may attempt to collect from you before they know your circumstances. To see how preparing for the future may prepare you for a smoother transition and more peace of mind, continue reading...
Estate Planning · December 26, 2022
3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Creating Your Will Online
Wills are essential to estate planning, but how can you determine whether it makes sense to draft one online? The answer is dependent on numerous factors. In general, if you want a will that's legally legitimate in your state and free of errors, you should consult an attorney. However, online wills may be viable if you don't mind certain constraints or potential complications down the road. To assist you in making this decision, read more here...
Estate Planning · December 19, 2022
Green Funerals: 6 Eco-Friendly Options For Your Remains
It can be difficult for anyone to decide where to lay their loved ones to rest. There’s a lot to consider between cost, location, and style of interment – so much that you might end up putting off the decision. This is a big decision that shouldn’t need putting off. So how do you combat the fear? Well, one option you could try is having a green funeral. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means and explore six different options for environmentally friendly services. Learn more here..
December 12, 2022
Will The Coming Wealth Transfer Be A Blessing Or A Curse For Your Family?
This article will explain how to get your heirs up to speed on their finances, so the transfer of wealth goes smoothly. It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or a small house; you can protect your family's assets and keep them from experiencing the horrors of financial incompetence. This article outlines the three steps of financial literacy, including how to talk about money with your children. Read more here: